Understanding The Basics Of Roadside Service For Your Company’s Fleet

The capital investment associated with your company's vehicle fleet is likely among the largest of your capital accounts. That alone is a key reason why you should make sure that you protect that investment. After all, when your fleet isn't rolling, your company is losing money. One of the best things that you can do to protect the integrity of your commercial fleet is to work with a fleet roadside service provider to address issues when they arise. Here's a look at a few things that you should consider when you're looking for a provider to respond to your fleet vehicle emergencies.


When you start to narrow down your fleet roadside service options, one of the things that you need to think about is the company's capacity for emergency response. Look for a company that has a large number of service and towing vehicles so that you can be sure that, even on busy days, they will be able to respond to your company's incapacitated fleet vehicle quickly. Remember that the longer your vehicle is down, the more money your company is losing. You want to be sure that your fleet roadside service will be able to get your driver back on the road quickly.

Response Times

Having sufficient capacity to respond to calls even on busy days is a start, but you also need to think about the general response times for your chosen fleet roadside service provider. Even if they have plenty of trucks available, if it will take them several hours to respond to most calls due to their location or their operational procedures, they won't be particularly helpful for your business. Ask each company about their average response times so that you can gauge which one would be the best resource for your fleet.

Roadside Offerings

Working with a fleet roadside service gives you the opportunity to get your fleet vehicles back on the road quickly with triage and repair services. Many fleet roadside services provide more towing services than any other effort, but other companies will provide you with towing as well as roadside triage work and some urgent repair work. When you want your drivers up and running quickly, look for a company that will provide you with fuel, tire changes, and even simple radiator, sensor, and spark plug repairs on the roadside. 


If your company fleet drivers cover a wide service area, you may want to work with a fleet roadside service provider that offers greater flexibility in the areas that they cover. Fleet services with multiple locations across a wide area will give you better response times, more consistent service, and the flexibility to have your truck towed to whichever location is closest. That way, you'll get the truck serviced faster, and you won't have to worry about costly towing fees.


Whenever possible, look for a roadside service provider that offers contract service. When you sign a service contract, you'll be able to rely on the company for the services that you need. While the ideal situation is to keep your fleet vehicles on the road at all times, being prepared with a service contract for emergencies is important. Additionally, that service contract will help you to understand what you can and cannot expect from the provider. That way, you'll be able to respond to every situation appropriately.

These are some of the most important considerations when you're looking for roadside service to address your company's fleet emergencies. The more you understand, the easier it is for you to find the service that will be the best fit for your company and your vehicles.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers 24/7 fleet roadside service.