What To Look For When Buying Used Tires

If your vehicle is in need of a new tire, and you do not have the funds available to purchase a brand new one, you have likely considered stopping at a shop in your area that sells used tires. Purchasing a used tire is an option that allows you to repair your vehicle without spending a lot to do so. It is important, however, to be on the lookout for key points to ensure the tire you buy lasts long enough to be worth the price you pay for it.

Check That The Tread Is Still Visible

The tread on a tire grips the road, as well as ice or snow if you happen to live in an area where cold weather is expected during the wintertime months of the year. If the thread has become worn down, it no longer provides the safety necessary when driving. To check the tread on a tire you are interested in purchasing, first visibly inspect the tread for signs of wear. This includes a ragged appearance where portions of the tread are ripped or torn, as well as a smooth appearance where the tread is no longer present at all. These signs indicate the need to move on to another tire for purchase. Another way to check the tread is to insert a penny or dime into the valley between rows of the tread. If the coin falls to the floor, the tread will likely lose its grip quickly.

Make Sure The Tire Innards Remain Inside

When a tire wears, there are threads of wire that are exposed in spots where the tread has disappeared and rubber has become thin. If you see what appears to be strings or threads hanging out of a part of a tire, this portion is likely to be too worn for a safe ride. Make sure to get close to the tire, evaluating its appearance, while pushing down on portions every few inches or so to ensure the rubber is stable and without wear.

Ask About History And Look For Plugs

When you purchase a tire from a used tire business, they may have information about the life of the tire from the previous owner. Be sure to inquire as to whether this information is available or obtainable. In addition, check the tire for signs that it had previously been plugged, as this would mean it had suffered from a leak in the past.

Contact a used tire shop for more information.