Choosing Tires For Your Performance Car

If you own a performance car that you take to the track regularly, you may find that the stock tires that came with the car do not provide the traction you need. When you start adding power to the vehicle, you may want to consider options like Pirelli race tires or Toyo Proxes race tires to hold the track and keep the car under control.

Road Tires

Performance cars that are driven both on the public roads and the race track need to have tires that fit both uses. Sport or performance tires that are USDOT-approved for the road are required on any car that is driven on a public highway. Very few racing tires have that approval, but most performance tires are acceptable on the street and on the track. 

Putting a set of race tires on your car and driving it on the street would not improve the performance in most situations, and the tires are so soft that they would wear quickly. USDOT-approved street performance tires use a harder rubber compound and tread design that works better on rough roads and will last a lot longer on your car. 

The amount of performance you need from a street tire depends on your driving style and if you use the same tires at the track. If the car is only mildly modified, you will most likely be able to use a high-speed-rated tire on a road course and get good performance from it. 

Race Tires

When you are starting to get serious about modifying and racing your car, you need to consider adding grip when you are at the track. Street performance tires will eventually leave you searching for more performance, but a good set of race tires can help you find the grip you need. 

These tires are made from a softer rubber than street tires, and as they get warm, they grip the track better, improving the handling and responsiveness of your car. The tires will change the way the car turns and the handling when braking hard. 

If you are new to racing tires, start slow and get accustomed to how they make the car feel as you go around the track. If you have been driving the same track on street performance tires, every corner, bump, and surface change will feel different.

When you get used to the race tires on your car, you will be able to push the car harder and find traction that you didn't know was there. Keep in mind that race tires are going to wear faster than the street tires on your car, so keep them for track-only use to get the most life out of the tires.