Different Types Of Material Handling Products That You Might Need For Your Loading Dock

If your business has a loading dock, then you might ship a lot of products in and out of your place of business. If this is the case, then you need the right material handling products so you can handle all of the items that might be transported through the area. The types of material handling products that are needed in each loading dock vary based on the size of the loading dock, the types of items that are moved in and out, and more. These are a few examples of different types of material handling products that you might want to make use of.

Hand Carts

Most loading docks can benefit from the use of multiple hand carts. Hand carts come in different sizes and can be used to handle heavy loads or larger quantities of items at one time. They're typically designed so that one person can operate them pretty easily, at least with most loads. Hand carts are pretty affordable in most cases but can be quite useful, so it's not usually a bad idea to purchase multiple hand carts of different sizes and types so that they are always close at hand.


Investing in a forklift is a pretty big investment for many companies, but forklifts are great for handling big, heavy loads that might be difficult or impossible for just one or two people to handle. Electric forklifts are typically on the more affordable side, and they can be used indoors without the concern for fumes. If your loading dock is outdoors or well-ventilated, however, a fuel-powered electric forklift might be a better choice, particularly if you need a forklift that is a bit more powerful and that is better able to handle big and heavy loads.


Occasionally, you might find that lifting very large or heavy items in your loading dock is a challenge. Having chain hoists or other hoists set up in the loading dock area can make it much easier, faster, and safer for your employees to move these large items in and out of trucks.

Conveyor Belts

When you think about setting up a conveyor belt, you might think about setting it up in the production area of your facility. However, conveyor belts can make it much easier and more efficient to move large quantities of items in and out of your loading dock area, all with minimal work from your employees.