3 Things That Make Racing Tires Unique

The right tires can help your vehicle perform on any road surface. Many drivers who are thinking about getting into drag racing think that they can outfit their vehicle with high-performance tires and compete. The truth is that racing tires are needed to maximize performance on the drag strip.

Racing tires differ from traditional tires in many unique ways. Each of these differences help racing tires give your vehicle the ability to achieve optimal speed.

1. No Tread

The first difference that you will see when comparing traditional tires with racing tires is a lack of visible tread. Racing tires are often referred to as slicks because of their smooth surface.

Eliminating the tread from a racing tire allows more of the rubber to come into contact with the surface of the road. This increase in contact helps improve traction and keeps your vehicle in its lane while traveling down a drag strip at high speeds.

2. Soft Rubber

If you run your hand along the surface of a racing tire, you may be surprised at the softness of the rubber. Traditional tires tend to be made from a rigid rubber that is capable of withstanding exposure to many road hazards.

Racing tires are meant to help increase performance, not to maximize tire lifespan. The softness of the rubber allows racing tires to gain more traction so that your vehicle can hug the curves and contours of the track while traveling at high speeds.

3. Heat Resistance

Heat resistance is another characteristic that sets racing tires apart from traditional tires. The friction created between the rubber of the tire and the surface of the road on each rotation can generate a lot of heat. The faster a vehicle is traveling, the more heat is produced by the tires.

Racing tires are designed specifically to be heat resistant. This quality can protect you against a blown tire, which has the potential to cause a fatal accident when engaged in any type of high-speed racing.

The quality of your tires can make a big difference when it comes to your car's performance on the drag strip. You want to invest in a good set of racing tires that will allow for maximum traction, enhanced grip, and heat resistance during each race.

Visit your local performance tire shop to identify which type of racing tires will be best suited to improve your drag racing performance in the future.

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